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Petasfield Cottages

Come and stay at Petasfield Holiday Cottages - an idyllic countryside retreat


Calendar Of Events

Summer Fun Show *TBC


25th July – Fun Show

Open to all riders with their own horse, plus Petasfield clients, loaners and owners


Class 1 – Barrel racing - £6

Class 2 – Jump and run – Jump a round on your pony, then jump off and run a  shortened course - £6

Class 3 – Jumping 45 cm – fastest round wins - £6

Class 4 – Jumping 60 cm – Fastest round wins - £6

Class 5 – Mounted games – Weaving, 2 mug and Sock race – fastest overall time wins -£7


To book please email and state your name and your horses name and which classes you would like to enter.